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Hitting this year strong with debuting some big costumes as well some simpler ones. It's been about 3 years since we've done full body armor so Guts (Berserk) was an exercise in remembering our past armor methods. 

Sun Wukong (RWBY) was finally debuted many delays and outright lazy days haha. I was not happy that I had to shave my glorious beard. 

Finished off the last of the main RWBY weapons, Blake's Gambol Shroud. This was a commission done for our friend Haku and it now resides at RoosterTeeth HQ a few feet where RWBY is animated!  That is so exciting! 

Finally we were all invited to Yatta Con in Tijuana, Mexico as cosplay guests! Bringing all of our friends down there to get our party on. Hopefully Champ gets his passport in time haha. 

We've had a blast over this summer so far! Anime Expo we were part of Crunchyroll's Attack on Titan promotion and got to give out some legit swag! Even more so Johnny got to be a judge at the masquerade and wear Reckless Fist as part of another Elsword promotion.

As for San Diego Comic Con we were able to grab a pretty large order. We were commissioned to make a set of weapons for RWBY which included the scythe, sword and gauntlets. Was a super awesome time at the Rooster Teeth booth! Here's to more fun cons ahead!

School is finally out for both of us and now we can really put the nose to the grindstone for upcoming cosplay at ALA. Right now we're both working on Kuroko's Basketball, Magi as well as a secret commission! All of this progress! MAKE ALL OF THE THINGS!!!

Magi trim hell-

Alibaba dagger and secret commission -

Sharrkan sword-

Oh man we went to Animegacon in Las Vegas, Nevada and had a blast for all the wrong/right reasons. If people were lucky enough to catch us we had a prop/armor panel on Friday that just collapsed into a "Johnny is drunk and rambling madness" panel instead. People said they really loved it, so I suppose it is a success.

Saturday was tough, we entered into the masquerade with a really talented group of individuals. In the end we wound up as 2nd place, just narrowly missing out on the $10k prize. That being said we did everything on point and I am extremely proud of everyone involved in the project. Our skit WAS quite the sight to behold. Check it out HERE.
Here is a shot of our group. It was really a great opportunity to work with such a talented group of people!


And then our friend Caleb, probably one of the best propmakers we have had the priviledge of knowing, was convinced to be our "Monster" for the skit. He even makes joke costumes awesome!

Anime Expo was probably the most tiring thing we have ever done, but man was it worth it. Friday kicked off the Elsword booth with some pretty epic selfcest before the dealer's hall opened.


With our cosplay team in hand, the booth became one of the most crowded booths at the convention! It was some pretty awesome stuff to see, I was really proud that us, as cosplayers, could draw such an energetic crowd to our booth. Big success #1!

Saturday started off with lots of Crunchyroll madness. Johnny hosted for the first time on the Live Show, then Jen followed up with hosting a panel!


There was some really awesome energy there as well as tons of giveaways! Big success #2!

The rest of the time was spent launching T-shirts out of cannons, selling wings & ears at Yaya Han's booth, hyping crowds with loud speakers at the Elsword booth and hosting dance parties with Crunchyroll. All in all AX was unlike any con that we have been to, filled with work and responsibilities to attend to, but that is what it made it so memorable.
Hey guys! Anime Expo 2012 is rapidly approaching and there are so many exciting things happening! First off Jen will be hosting a panel in conjunction with Crunchyroll!


In addition Johnny will be guest hosting The Live Show at the Crunchyroll booth during the convention, so stop on by Crunchyroll's booth (#701) and visit!

Secondly the sponsored cosplay for Elsword Online's booth (#1520) is coming along smoothly. Have to keep our game up in order to compete with the other awesome cosplayers in the group. Look at this roster! Madness!


Our first foray into molding and casting came out a success and the Nasod arm is cast from rubber urethane, very exciting stuff! For a play by play WIP go here…

Lastly! Jen will be helping out all weekend at Yaya Han's booth (#???) so give those 2 ladies a visit!

So excited about AX! Hope to see everyone there!

Very exciting news! I'll be cosplaying as Raven the Reckless Fist from Elsword Online as part of the promotional booth at Anime Expo 2012! This will be my first gig as a sponsored cosplayer and it is looking to be a blast! Going to be using a variety of "exotic" methods to make the costume since it is sponsored and I want to make it look as badass as possible. With the help of Jen and her sewing and my prop experience as well as a deep knowledge base to draw from in the form of some amazing friends I think this project will be very memorable. WOOOOOOOOO!

So first the boring stuff. I decided to enter my Jecht cosplay into the Otaku House cosplay contest. If you guys like it would you be kind enough to give it a vote?…

Now, on to Fanime.

It may or may not be a big mess. This is the first Fanime where both Jen and I will have more than one costume per day, and given our habit for out of control partying it might prove to be a challenge to avoid looking like a complete wreck in between shoots. I suppose that is what makeup is for. We're also both excited to debut our Record of Lodoss Wars Parn & Deedlit cosplays at Fanime. It is a very classic show, and it seems like every cosplayer will eventually do it, so I guess now is as good a time as any.

Hope to see everyone there!
So our first time out of the country in cosplay AND judging a masquerade was some great stuff. Got to hang out with Cosplay in America's Ejen Chuang as well as Cosplay Idol Yaya Han. Gathered a lot of insight from both of them ranging from economics of their costumes, book sales and stage presence. The actual judging portion was tough though! My goodness! I never realized how unnerving it was to choose a number 1 costume when you legitimately LOVE like 10+ of the entries. In the end though we decided on this girl cosplaying The Witch from "End Breaker!"


I have to say though that the way Mexico has masquerades is WAY more exciting than American styled masquerades. There they are allowed to make a HUGE mess on stage, so all the skits have glitter, confetti and paper flying around everywhere as well as pinatas breaking and GLASS being shattered. Super hardcore stuff, and WICKED exciting. I just wish I had safety glasses on when the girl broke her glassware. Thought I might get lose an eye hahaha, but we survived.

We also got to debut our Soul Calibur V costumes! You can't really see our weapons in the pic, but I'm REALLY happy with the Leixia sword and Xiba's staff was just outright 3D printed haha.


Overall it was an utter blast and I hope we can do it all again next year! If we're not invited next year as guests or judges, totally considering entering the masquerade just so I can smash a TV with a sledgehammer in public hahaha.
This week has been pretty exciting in the world of cosplay for us right now. Anime Conji is fast approaching, as well as Cosplay Comcom. Our first set of contact lenses are coming in from our Fynale Lens sponsorship and we should be able to debut them this Saturday at the Anime Conji Masquerade!!! Additionally we have also gotten our first set of 3D prints in for our Soul Calibur V cosplays thanks to Demir! I don't normally post WIP pics on DA, but if anyone is interested in WIP stuff you can check out our fan pages on Facebook! We try to be thorough and step by step whenever we can so that others can follow along and possibly improve on the paths that we have already traveled!

Junkers Cosplay Inc (Props & Armor / Johnny) :…

SpacePizzaCosplay (Sewing / Jen) :…
It is no secret that I have essentially learned all about prop making from :icongrimdarkkommissar: and he is moving along to LA in order to attempt to break into the movie industry as a prop maker. I give him all my support and good energy even though it saddens me to see a dear friend and valued mentor leave San Diego. I have had nothing but the highest respect for Kai and wish him the best. If you want to check out his stuff give him some support on dA (linked previously in icon) or his website I'm sure people can relate to how big of a venture this is, but a man has to follow his dreams.

Good luck Kobra Kai!

On a lighter note however, just in time for the cherry blossom shoot in March, our Dynasty Warriors 7 cosplay group has gotten a contact lens sponsorship from the folks at Fynale which will be wicked cool. Did you know Zhou Tai has soulless gray eyes and Bao Sanniang has boring ol' brown eyes? Yeah how about that... Check them out! I was really impressed by the array on lenses we had to choose from. Personally we took J-15 gray and J-21 brown.
So Jfamily (minus corgi T_T) has been asked to go to Cosplay ComCom in TJ, Mexico. Believe me though, while we are very excited and honored at the same time but at the same time I do realize that we're not big fish in this huge sea. I mean we were backups in case :iconokageo: or :iconsocophdpepper: didn't accept (which obviously they didn't since we're the ones going instead).


They did give us a spiffy poster thing though! Cosplay ComCom FB Page (…)
Cosplay ComCom site (…)

This whole affair did make me feel incredibly self conscious however. I looked at the other judges and they were Yaya-Han, Ejen (Cosplay in America) and :iconcalssara: all of which are super legit. This just means our cosplay game has to attempt to meet these lofty standards in the next couple of months. This isn't a post of self-loathing or an attempt to fish for compliments, but it is more of an inspiration to improve our overall craftsmanship level.


If it is not too much trouble to anyone that reads this, could you give our FB pages a look and give it a "Like" if you enjoy what you see? Thanks in advance and look forward to another great year of making crazy clothes and wearing them in public (cosplay ^_^).

Jen -… -

Junkers & Johnny -…
I'm very new to DA, and I like to wander around to look at what comes up in the search function. I started to notice that massive amounts of furry madness on DA. I was then prompted to play a little game where you put two words, ANY two words into the search function and try NOT to find furries.

I only found a seldom few.

I was then prompted to up the difficulty to not have furries OR anime. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's impossible. The internet is such a wacky and bizarre place.
Finally got around to making a Deviant art. I feel like I've been missing a lot, but the times are just too hard to keep up with. Cosplaying has been taking up a lot of the free time, but all in all things could not be better. Both of us are becoming more experienced in our own fields, Jen with the sewing and myself with the props.

Sharing a DeviantArt may not be as crazy as sharing a bank account, but it's definitely something I don't want to share with my parents either.